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Common Technical Questions / Examples

Q: I have created a template, why isn't it being applied to my domains?
A: The DNS Template tool only creates the templates.

To use the templates, they need to be applied to your domains via:
Manage > Domains > "DNS button", or
Manage > Domains > Bulk DNS tool.

Q: How do I stop the domain name from appending to my destination address?
A: Simply add a period '.' to the end of your destination host name, this is the record delimiter.

For example:

    examplehost CNAME examplehost.myotherdomain.com.

Q: How do I point the domain name itself to a web site or mail exchanger, if I don't want to use a named host such as 'www' or 'mail'?
A: The host/destination record '@' denotes a domain name origin for A, CNAME, MX and TEXT record types.

For example, to point mail to an external host:

    @ MX 10 mail.externaldomain.com.

Similarly, if 'www.mydomain.com' and 'mydomain.com' were both to resolve to the same website on IP

    www CNAME @
    @ A

Q: My DNS is currently hosted elsewhere and I'd like to use Fabulous DNS Hosting instead, do you support Zone Transfers?
A: Sorry, at this stage we do not support Zone Transfers into the templating system.

Q: How do I use Fabulous Email Forwarding when using the custom DNS znameservers?
A: Set up email forwarding as you normally would, then add this record to the template:

    @ MX 10 mail.fabulous.com.

Q: How do I use Fabulous Parking when using the custom DNS Nameservers?
A: Set up parking as you normally would, then add these records to the template:

    * NS ns1.fabulous.com.
    * NS ns2.fabulous.com.

Please Note: It can take up to 24 hours for these NS records to propagate.