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What is an Executive Lock and why would I use one?

An Executive Lock adds another level of protection to a domain name.

The Executive Lock effectively freezes a domain's registry settings, and can only be removed by Fabulous management after any special conditions specified by the client have been fulfilled.

A domain name under Executive Lock cannot:

  • Be transferred out to another Registrar.
  • Be pushed to another Fabulous account.
  • Have changes to its Nameserver settings.
  • Have the Registrar-Lock status removed.

Please note: Renewals and WHOIS contact updates will continue as normal.

You may also be interested in our FAQ: How to put an Executive Lock on your domain OR, How to remove an Executive Lock from your domain

Please note: Fabulous is trying to offer this as another free value added service. If this manual transaction service is overused by wholesale account holders by processing high volumes of lower value domains, the service will have to become a paid feature in the future. Please take care to use this service appropriately for your special domains.