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What is the Category Selector?

The category selector allows you to quickly browse and assign categories to your domains.

  • Use the Search box to type in part of a category you're looking for
  • Use the History arrows at the bottom to scroll through recently used categories
  • Click through the various Categories and Subtopics to find one that suits your domains

Category selector status:

  • Status Icon Key
  • Poor
  • Average
  • Neutral
  • Done

The category status icons represent the calculated suitability of an auto-generated category. When a category has been manually edited, the icon changes to Green / Done.

Category selector overview:

Category Selector
1 Assigned Category

Current assigned category. Click to open / close category selector. Icon color indicates category quality score.

2 Close Button

Close category selector without commiting changes.

3 Quick Search Field

Instantly find categories based on search term. "From start" forces category title to match from start of search term.

4 Category Tree Navigator

Navigate categories and sub-categories. Selected category highlighted by tick. Follow categories with arrows to move to parent / child categories. Blue category is an alias which moves to another part of the tree. Use "Subtopics" checkbox to assign only active category, or when checked, the active category and all it's sub-categories.

5 History (Undo / Redo)

Easily undo and redo your category navigation steps, making it simple to go back to earlier selections.

6 Category Heirarchy Navigator

Overview of the current category branch allowing quick navigation to any parent category.

7 Select Category

Select and immeadiately assign the current selected category. The selected category is represented by the tick icon.

To change the category for a single domain:

  1. Click the linked Category in the "Category" column next to your domain.
  2. The Category Selector will appear.
  3. Select a category using the above instructions
  4. Click the Select Category button

To change the category for multiple domains:

  1. Click the boxes in the first column next to the domains you wish to modify
  2. Click the "Categorize selected domains" link.
  3. The Category Selector will appear.
  4. Select a category using the above instructions
  5. Click the Select Category button