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Fabulous offers two types of additional account security: Challenge/Response security and the Fabulous Security Key.

Both options provide different types of security for any of the following areas:

Name Servers
Domain Edits

Here's how they work:

Challenge / Response Security

Challenge/Response is a security mechanism that allows you to supply the answers to a preset list of questions, in order to verify the identity of a user before they can access these sensitive areas of your account.

This is an optional feature which has been designed to decrease the likelihood of domain theft should your account password be stolen or otherwise compromised.

Fabulous Security Key

The Fabulous Security Key is an innovative USB device that provides additional levels of security to sensitive areas of your account.

With one touch, it sends a unique one time pass code, ensuring that these actions are only performed by the authorized holder of the Fabulous Security Key. The Fabulous Security Key is an additional authentication mechanism that is used in conjunction with your account password.

If you are interested in using the Fabulous Security Key, let us know: support@fabulous.com

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