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Dynamic Generator

The Dynamic Generator suite of tools provides greater flexibility in maximizing the earning potential of your domains.

Using a new auto optimization engine, each domain in your portfolio is automatically monitored and adjusted over time to use the highest earning page configuration.

Choose the level of control that suits your needs, with a range of configuration options from fully automated to individual domain customization.

The new range of templates are highly configurable giving you the choice of a range of page structures, color palettes and contextually relevant images.

The Dynamic Generator website builder gives you the flexibility to configure your domains to optimize each domains revenue potential.

Key features include:

  • Access to a range of page structures and color palettes, all of which have been tested for optimal performance
  • Publish configurations direct to your domain or save the configuration for use in the Auto Optimizer access multiple domains
  • A content image database of over 4,000 searchable images
  • Image relevancy algorithm, ensuring appropriate images are served per domain
  • User definable image selection - drag and drop functionality for instant image placement
  • Template system allowing saving and editing of page configurations
  • Auto optimization engine - run various page templates in rotation on any number of domains and our engine will find the highest performing configuration

Utilize our Drag and Drop functionality for instant image placement with automatic cropping and resizing

The Dynamic Generator website builder provides access to a range of pre built templates.

Combine structure, color and content relevant imagery to produce targeted pages that maximize the potential of your domain portfolio.