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PayPal Authority Document

Date: ______/______/______

To prevent unauthorized use of PayPal accounts, Fabulous.com Pty Ltd ACN 094 218 443 (‘Fabulous”) requires this authorization form to be completed and faxed back to 1800 289 5991 (US). When this form and the ancillary documents have been received by Fabulous, your domain name may have the transfer lock removed and be able to be transferred to another registrar.

  1. Print this form
  2. Complete the details below
  3. Sign the form in the space provided
  4. Attach photocopies of the following documents:
    1. Photo Identification (eg: Drivers License, Passport)
    2. Utility Bill (eg: Power/Electricity)
  5. Fax the documents to 1800 289 5991 (US)

Fabulous Invoice #: __________________________________
Domain Name(s): __________________________________
Total Amount: $_________________________________
PayPal Email: __________________________________

I confirm payment for the total amount as entered above according to the PayPal terms and conditions. I agree that I will not under any circumstances charge back or otherwise cancel this PayPal payment for any reason. I also agree to be bound by the Fabulous.com terms and conditions for this transaction.

Signed: ____________________________________ Date: ______/______/______

PayPal Account Holder Name: _______________________________________