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FAQ's about Fabulous.com

What's the difference between Fabulous Registration and Monetization accounts?

Fabulous is a product that services retail registration and monetization customers.

A "Domain Registration Account" provides simple domain registration and management facilities for retail customers. Anyone can open one of these accounts.

A "Domain Monetization Account" is an application only service designed for customers who would like to monetize a portfolio of domain names. These accounts provide a domain parking system (including access to the Fabulous Premium Program), redirection services, domain sales tools, as well as wholesale pricing for registrations, renewals and transfers.

What are the benefits of the Fabulous Premium Program?

The Fabulous Premium Program is our latest revenue share initiative, developed from the outstanding success of our earlier programs and the resulting consolidated relationships with PPC providers.

You will find the following benefits with the Fabulous Premium Program

  • More revenue - typically an average $42 to $100 CPM for commercial type-in domains (varying on the quality of the portfolio).
  • Domains are categorized to be keyword specific ensuring that the most relevant content and images are served.
  • PPC Results are geo-targeted resulting in higher click through rates and higher quality traffic.
  • Full service domain management (we'll look after the set up and categorization for you).

How is my revenue calculated?

Fabulous revenue is based on the clicks and/or sales your domains generate.

When do I get paid?

Fabulous payments are made on the 10th of each month. You are paid the revenue earned during the previous calendar month.

How do I get paid?

There are several options for you to receive your payment.

  • Payment to Fabulous Account (default)
  • PayPal (minimum $25)
  • Wire Transfer (minimum $25 for US, $500 non-US)

Please note: Payment is in US Dollars.

What will my domain look like when I sign up to Fabulous?

We've included some examples of what your domain will look like, depending on the setup of your domain.

An example of the Roar.com lander: Standard Fabulous page screenshot
An example of a Premium 5.0 lander: Standard Fabulous page screenshot

For examples of Fabulous+ landers, please take the Fabulous+ product tour.

What features will I find in the DM Center?

Our DM Center was originally created to manage our own domain portfolio in house. The tools were developed as we saw a need and with forward thinking towards the most efficient way to earn profits from domains.

You can expect to find features like

  • Domain Analytics & Revenue Reporting
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Account Keeping Management
  • Control to change look of your landing pages

Our toolset is designed for domainers to quickly view and manage their portfolio's performance.

Do you have terms and conditions of use?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is here.

If I sign up, what level of reporting can I expect to find in the DM Center?

Our reporting tools are now more comprehensive than ever.

You have access to quick snapshot reports of earnings, traffic and performance in many areas of your account, as well as detailed customizable revenue and domain analytics reports.

Revenue reports detail statistics such as impressions, uniques, clicks, sales and earnings, as well as giving a break-down of earnings per unique and earnings per click.

Our Domain Analytics package gives you the toolset to analyze your domain name portfolio for further optimization opportunities. You can choose from our pre-defined report templates or build your own custom reports.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please email our support team for the quickest answer to your questions.

Aftermarket Domains

The potential list of meaningful domains that are available for new registration is becoming extremely limited. Domains that are already registered, "aftermarket domains", are rare assets. Strong demand for these domains (primarily .COM) has developed and these assets continue to appreciate in value.

In order for this market to mature new businesses need to be created, distribution channels need to be expanded and technology needs to be developed. Before any of those things can happen, the market must be critically examined and restructured to resolve the conflicting market forces that are impeding that natural growth of the market.

This document offers a unique view of the aftermarket domain sales market. The paper provides a full segmentation and value analysis of the aftermarket for domains, potential business development ideas, and encourages a complete restructuring of the way the industry works.