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Fabulous API

The Fabulous.com API provides a fast, flexible tool to perform a limited set of features currently available via the Fabulous.com client admin suite.

It is intended for use by customers that may wish to make a large number of changes to their account on an automated or semi-automated basis through their own software.

As such, the API has been designed to support all the features of the client interface that are likely to be used in bulk situations. If there is a particular feature that you would like to see in the API, please contact our support department and every endeavor will be made to accommodate your request.

API Commands

The Fabulous.com API allows you to perform a number of tasks, including:

  • Register Domains
  • Renew Domains
  • Transfer Domains
  • Check Domain Availability
  • Manage your Domain Portfolio
  • Get Domain Info
  • Generate Revenue Reports
  • Unlock domains and set Auth codes
  • Set Nameservers
  • Push Domains

...want to know more?

You can read more about the available API commands, see the format and review the response codes via our Protocol Reference guide here:

API Protocol Reference - http://api.fabulous.com/docs?username=yourusername

If you have any questions, please contact support@fabulous.com