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I received an error message when using my credit card. What should I do?

If you experience an error when processing a credit card transaction please take note of the error message returned.

We also recommend that as an initial measure you check the “News” section on the front page of your Fabulous account for any current credit card processing downtime notices.

If there is no scheduled downtime, please see the below guide for information on some of the most common credit card errors:

Do Not Honor:

This message is a default bank-generated error regarding your credit card. It can relate to a number of issues including Internet and/or overseas purchasing restrictions on your card, an incorrect password, incorrect expiry date or insufficient funds, etc. If you receive this error repeatedly we encourage you to contact the bank issuing your credit card in order to investigate and resolve the issue.

Maximum failures exceeded:

This error means that you have had 5 consecutive failed transactions on that credit card, so it has been automatically locked by our payment gateway. If you receive this error please contact the Customer Care department and ask them to reset your card.

Issuer or switch is inoperative:

This error message is usually indicative of a temporary connection issue with your bank, and if you retry the transaction after a short wait it may be successful.

Financial institution or intermediate network facility cannot be found for routing:

This may be indicative of a problem with our credit card processing service provider. If there are no relevant scheduled downtime notices in the "News" section of your account please contact Customer Care with the details of the problem.

If you continue to have problems processing transactions please notify Customer Care and we will investigate the matter further and advise how to proceed.