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Maximum Security

Today, security on the Internet is paramount. Basic security measures such as passwords can no longer guarantee protection from hackers, phishers and fraudsters who can gain access to your email or computer. For this reason, Fabulous has always strived to be at the leading edge when it comes to protecting domain assets, and has a number of features available to help keep your account and domains secure.

The security Fabulous.com offers can be broken into two core areas:

Account Security
Domain Protection

Account Security

Fabulous.com offers two options customers can choose to enable to protect sensitive areas within their account, the Fabulous Security Key or Challenge/Response Security Questions. Both provide an additional layer of security across certain sections of the account including:

Name Servers

If an account password happened to be compromised, having access to these specific functions would put your domains at risk of hijacking. By taking advantage of either the Fabulous Security Key or Challenge/Response Security Questions, modification of these areas can only take place once authentication with these devices is successful.

Domain Protection

For over 8 years, Fabulous.com has allowed domain owners to apply an Executive Lock, which provides even greater protection on a domain level.

The Executive lock effectively freezes a domain's registry settings, and can only be removed by Fabulous.com management after a special condition(s) specified by the client has been fulfilled. A domain name under Executive lock cannot be transferred, pushed, or have the Name Servers modified.

With the variety of tools Fabulous.com provides, you can feel confident that your domain assets will remain secure.

For further details about these services and how to enable them on your account, please visit the links below:

Fabulous Security Key
Challenge/Response Security Questions
Executive Lock