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Manage Domains For Sale

The Manage Domains for Sale interface allows you to set the "Sell Method" and various "Price points" for those domains you have listed for sale.

The various sell methods and Price points available are outlined below.

Price points

Rejection Price
Is the predetermined minimum sales price nominated by you, the seller, relating to negotiated listings. Offers below this price will not be submitted to you for your consideration, and will simply be auto-rejected.

Fixed Price
Is the predetermined price at which the domain will sell if met by the buyer, without any negotiations.
This price can be publicly displayed or advertised via the Distribution Network.

Sell Methods

Fixed Price
A domain configured with this option will only sell when the single price point "Fixed Price" has been met from the buyer.
The Domain will be distributed to all downstream partners, However will not be given preference by those partners who prioritize negotiated sales.

Make an Offer
This method is a pure negotiation between buyer and seller. Entering a value in the rejection price field sets a minimum price to filter out low offers. A value of $0 will allow you to accept all offers on this domain regardless of price.

Domain will be displayed as "Make an offer" and only be distributed to those partners who accept negotiated sales.

Offers Above
Similar to the "Make an Offer" method, only the Rejection price will be published to the buyer.

The domain in effect will be displayed as "Offers above $XXXX"

This transaction is still a negotiated transaction and as such will only be distributed to those parters who accept negotiated sales.

Instant Transfer Enabled
When this feature is checked the domain you have selected will be sold when your sale conditions are met and will be distributed according to its sell method. This is the default status for domains to be sold through the Aftermarket Sale System

If the checkbox is NOT ticked the distribution of this domain will be restricted to a For Sale banner on the domain. Any prospective sales enquiries will then be forward to you via email and will not be handled through the Fabulous aftermarket system.

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