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This feature is only available to Fabulous monetization customers. To view the requirements to open a Fabulous monetization account, please click here.

We offer three levels of domain sales tools which can be added to or removed from your account depending on your needs.

The first level, which all domain monetization customers have access to, is the self managed “Legacy” system. With this system you can choose a selling method, price domains and place ‘For Sale’ advertisements on your domains. You can use this system for any domains on the Fabulous Nameservers.

If you want to dramatically increase your sales exposure, you may be eligible for our next level of domain sales tools; access to the Domain Distribution Network (DDN). This allows you to list your Fabulous registry domains for sale on FabulousDomains and DDN partner sites. The DDN uses Instant Transfer Protocol, allowing the immediate delivery of domains to buyers.

For dedicated sellers, your Account Manager can grant you access to Advanced Domains Sales tools which will allow you to set up a more complex DDN sales structure.

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